It‘s much too late as I come home
I switch off the telephone
I think about a bath to calm my restless mind

Black-rimmed letters spread the floor
You used to do the mail before
I‘m almost out and then I see the letter

With wavering hands I unfold whereof I think it‘s just a letter
But as I read the lines my world stops moving
Words of love and sorrow as I couldn‘t say it any better
But these aren‘t mine

I fall down on my knees and weep
How am I supposed to feel?
How can I move on with these perceptions?

Should I cast doubt on anything?
The love we shared, this golden ring?
Should I move on denying these sore detections?

With wavering hands I fold whereof I thought t‘was just a letter
I fling it on the ground and keep on moving
Countless memories will remain, some are worse and some are better
And I keep mine in mind